5 ways kids can benefit from CrossFit


5 ways kids can benefit from CrossFit

 As a parent, you want to encourage your child to be fit, healthy and active, however there are so many types of sports and activities your child could take part in – so how do you know which will benefit the most?
CrossFit has just as many benefits for children as it does for adults, thanks to the motivational, supportive environment the type of training provides. These benefits include:

Improved confidence
CrossFit makes young individuals more confident, by encouraging them to try new things, take more risks and believe in their potential. The camaraderie of CrossFit boxes also teaches children how to interact with their peers and build valuable social skills, as well as become more driven and dedicated. Taking part in CrossFit also allows children to feel as if they are accomplishing something, as they see marked improvements in skills, lifts, speed, and the positive feedback from coaches bolsters self-esteem.

Improved school performance
Exercise isn’t just good for a child’s body – it can be great for their mind too. Multiple studies have found that those who are active perform better in the classroom and in exams, due to improved concentration and better cognitive functions.

Improved athletic performance
Just like adults, when children workout their bodies adapt to become stronger, faster, fitter and generally healthier. Because of the various disciplines and tasks in CrossFit, kids who participate will find that the sport develops areas of their lives that will serve them well as they get older – for example better co-ordination, stronger bones and leaner, healthier muscle.

Increased understanding of a healthy lifestyle
CrossFit can not only provide children with an outlet to be physically active, but can also instil healthy habits and knowledge in them from an early age. This can be achieved, for example, by children learning things like the importance of exercising and the benefits of properly fuelling their bodies for daily tasks.

It’s fun!
Exercise also releases endorphins into the body, which interact with the receptors in the brain. This triggers a positive ‘euphoric’ feeling which, as a result, is often accompanied by a positive and energising attitude. Most importantly though, CrossFit makes exercise fun for all ages, and running round and letting off some steam with friends will always be fun for children!