CrossFit Orwell Affiliate Programme 05/11/2018

Monday 5th November






Eccentric Pull ups 5 x 5 (3-5 second down phase)

CrossFit – Intervals
2 minutes work 1 minute rest x 6
Run 200m
10 Front squats 50/35kg (use a weight that allows for front squats to be unbroken)
Max over bar burpees

O.C (Orwell Conditioning) 6:30pm

5 rounds
3 minutes Row-Ski-Bike
3 minute AMRAP
10 American KB Swings 24/16kg
10 Burpees
1 min rest

Tuesday 6th November


5 x 5 Cleans 65-75% of best clean or build to a moderate weight
(The weight should allow you to touch and go all repetitions)

WOD 12 minute AMRAP
Choose your weapon
Bike 25/15 calories or Ski 600m/400m or Row 600/400m
12 Push Press 60/40kg

O.C (Orwell Conditioning) 6:00am

In pairs
4 rounds (30 minute cap)
1000m row (share the work load)
25 synchro burpees
25 synchro Goblet squats 24/16kg

Wednesday 7th November


Front squats 4 x 5 (3 second eccentric phase)

5 rounds for time
10 Thrusters 45/32.5kg
10 Pull ups/Ring rows
20 KB Swings 32/20kg

Weightlifting Session 7:30pm

5 x 3 muscle snatch (Go every 90 seconds) at 50% of best snatch

Halting snatch (pause below knee)
5 x 3 70% or by feel

Sots Press 3 x 5 (use a light weight and focus on positioning)

Thursday 8th November


1 minute work 1 minute rest x 5 rounds
Wall balls 9/6kg
Assault bike
Ab mat Sit Up

Half kneeling dumbbell press paired with banded row
4 x 10

O.C (Orwell Conditioning) 6:00am

5 minutes complete
Max calorie ski erg
EMOM 7 Russian KB swings 24/16
Rest 2 minutes
Max calorie row
EMOM 4-8 down ups
Rest 2 minutes
Max calorie assault bike
EMOM 5-8 T2B/Knee raises

Friday 9th November


Strength circuit
4 sets (90 seconds between rounds)
10 Romanian Deadlift 60% of 1rm deadlift
10 single arm DB Rows
10 DB bicep curls

10 minute AMRAP
Run 200m
Power clean 3-6-9-12-15

Orwell Conditioning 12:30pm

3 rounds
Run 800m
50 DU/100singles
20 Alt DB hang clean and press (22.5/15kg)

Saturday 10th November


Beat swing practice & pull up progressions

In pairs
15 minute AMRAP
Run 400m (together)
30 Alternating DB snatch (shared) (22.5/15kg)
30 down ups (shared)

Weightlifting Class 09:30am

6 sets
1 Clean
1 Front squat
1 Front squat
1 Split jerk
Perform this complex at 70-75% of best clean and jerk or by feel

Sunday 11th November

Conditioning – 8.30am

EMOM 30 mins
1st 10-15 down ups
2nd 10-15 box jumps (20”/24”)
3rd 10-15 slam balls (15/9/5kg)
4th 30 seconds Ab mat sit ups

CrossFit – 9.30am

4 sets
10 Bench Press
Paired with
10 Split Squats each leg (DB’s/Kb’s)

15-12-9 (8 min AMRAP)
Ski erg/Bike cals
3 minutes rest
15-12-9 (8 min AMRAP)
Wall balls 9/6kg
Dumbbell thrusters 22.5/15kg