CrossFit Orwell ticks all the “Boxes”……….and so much more

Member review – Lynda Swallow 

“The best decision I have made for many years was to join CrossFit Orwell about eight months ago. I am a grandmother in my mid-sixties, I live with my partner and two dogs.  I work 3 days a week, look after my grandchildren and am a carer for my wheelchair bound mother who also has dementia, so life is very busy.  I played netball to a good standard until my mid-forties, I still play golf and enjoy swimming but the demands on my time over the last three years meant I had to give up most of my activities and hence gradually became quite unfit. I tried spin classes, Aquafit, LBT classes and even the occasional gym workout but I didn’t really enjoy these so my attendance was very sporadic. I still played golf once a week and walk my dogs but did no cardio work.  



In the evenings when I eventually sat down I usually fell asleep in front of the TV.  I always felt very tired and lacked energy and everything was an effort.  My daughter-in-law told me about CrossFit Orwell, I attended for a trial, and I have never looked back!  

The CrossFit Orwell Box is an amazing place to get fit and make friends. I look forward to my three times a week evening class sessions which means I am motivated to attend.  Darren and Kirsty work very hard for the members and arrange varied and enjoyable classes, which are published for the week ahead.   They are both highly qualified trainers and enthusiastically pass on their knowledge to members in whom they take an interest in an encouraging and supportive way.  All members are made to feel equally welcome to “The Box” which is very well equipped, always tidy and clean.    

The CrossFit classes comprise of men and women, young and old, all shapes and sizes and with greatly varying standards of fitness and abilities. All members however have one common aim, that is to work hard, listen to and benefit from the advice of the coaches, be supportive to each other but most of all, have fun. 

Given my age and level of (un)fitness there are some things I can’t do so Darren and Kirsty adapt or scale things down to levels that are more suited to me.  Their ethos is to work with improving what you can do rather than focus on things you can’t do but they also introduce new challenges as your fitness improves.  They make sure your technique is correct before increasing weights etc. One is never made to feel inadequate if performing a less challenging exercise or working with reduced weights than the rest of the class. There is a real positive atmosphere to the classes as the coaches are painstaking to demonstrate how the exercises should be done to prevent injury and achieve maximum benefit.  They supervise and encourage the members during classes. 

I believe I have improved my own fitness and stamina levels and my body is more toned.  I am now doing things I would never have dreamed possible a few months ago.  I have my own challenges I wish to achieve (eg to climb a rope and do a handstand against a wall before Christmas!).  With perseverance, determination and the encouragement of Darren and Kirsty I do truly believe that this is possible, as I now feel much more energised and positive every day.

In summary, CrossFit Orwell is a great place to get fit in a friendly, safe environment and although you are exercising hard for an hour, the time flies and it is so enjoyable you don’t realise how hard you are challenging yourself.  I have made many new friends and am happy to say that falling asleep in front of the TV every evening is a thing of the past.  Thank you Darren and Kirsty for CrossFit Orwell”

-Lynda Swallow