Lucy’s journey back to fitness at CrossFit Orwell



Lucy Wood joined us back in November and it has been great to see her go from strength to strength. Improving her strength, fitness and confidence with the wonderful drug that is called exercise. Check out how she found CrossFit Orwell.

“I discovered CrossFit through attending the physio workshop on ‘Exercising with knee pain’. It was one of the best free workshop I’ve ever attended! 4 months ago I had my second son & thought I could bounce straight back into fitness by myself with no help. I had no time to go to the gym, I had two kids to look after & when they went to bed I went to bed. After running on my treadmill for a couple of weeks I’d wrecked my knees but I was also battling other post natal issues so I became a bit of a wreck. Mum life had become very emotional and very lonely. However, I am very stubborn & impatient & was determined not to be defeated.

I attended the workshop, met Darren ( nearly had a cry in our therapy session) & had a chat about life then signed up to the free 7 day trial. I’ve not looked back since!

I can not thank Darren, Kirsty & Jodie enough for picking me up off the floor. They are all fabulous at what they do. They’ve scaled things down so I can complete all of the WODS & repair my core. They coach and motivate me to go that little bit extra every session and I feel mentally & physically stronger. Every time I come to the box someone says hello, ( which to me is a big deal as I’m not the easiest person to strike up a conversation with – massively socially awkward!!!!) It gets me out of the house, gives me some well needed me time & I feel part of a community that I know will support me until I cross that finish line. I’m not the fittest or the strongest but I’m getting there. I leave each session hot, sweaty and knackered but feeling much more positive about life.

CrossFit is not full of meatheads and scary people. They’re all just regular people from all walks of life ready with a high 5 or fist bump when the WOD is done! CrossFit-Total game changer and im so glad I decided to give it a try.” 

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