Member Testimonial- Ali Devonshire


Ali has been a member at CrossFit Orwell since we opened 6 months ago. It has been amazing to watch her journey since joining, attending regularly to the 6am CrossFit session and weightlifting sessions.  Ali Kindly wrote about her journey and how she ended up joining CrossFit Orwell 

I knew about CrossFit but was previously interested in strength training.  This ended when I sustained a back injury and had lost my confidence entirely and subsequently gaining weight and becoming aware of my health deteriorating. 

My Mum died when I was a teenager, she was just 42 and had been a very fit and sporty person until she fell ill.  Losing my Mum was devastating; she was my best friend, confidant and centre of our family. As a teen I struggled with anxieties about my appearance and confidence and would eat for comfort which saw my weight fluctuating while I avoided taking responsibility for my own health.

 Fast-forward a bit to last summer and I find my 40thbirthday approaching rapidly.  I knew I couldn’t continue to compromise my own health while I have a wonderful family of my own to stick around for so I decided it was time I took control of looking after myself properly….

My friend told me about the new box opening near where I live and as soon as I walked in on the open day, I knew I would sign up. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. It was a little daunting at first, especially if you’ve not used some of the kit before, but you soon get used to it all and you are always guided carefully through each technique to keep you safe and strong.  The positive atmosphere, knowledgeable coaches and superb facilities mean that I always look forward to attending the classes, even at 6am when it is dark and icy!

I train at 6am usually as it suits my work schedule.  I’m an anaesthesia vet nurse at a local referral practice so I go straight to work from the box which leaves me feeling energised all day!

My fitness improved quickly with regular sessions at the gym which helped to restore my confidence in training and, having made the switch to a healthier eating plan, I lost weight too. In fact, since joining the box 7 months ago I’ve lost 4 and a half stone and my health and energy levels are much improved. 

I hoped that when I joined CrossFit Orwell, I would stay motivated to attend regular classes, I can safely say that I am pretty much hooked.  I’m learning new techniques and setting myself new targets every week… probably my best achievement so far was climbing the rope just last week, something I never imagined I’d do!

I would recommend CrossFit Orwell to anyone looking to improve their fitness or even if you’re just starting out, all abilities are welcome. The support you will receive from the coaches and other gym members will help you feel right at home. 

P.S. my 10-year-old son attends the CrossFit Orwell kids’ classes, which he really loves.  I think making regular exercise a part of my life has made this the ‘new normal’ for our family and I know he’s proud of me, he told me himself!! 


– Ali Devonshire