Monday 7th June

5 Rounds for Time

12 DB Deadlifts

9 DB Hang Power Cleans

12 HR Push Ups

400m Run


3 Sets

20/20 DB Weighted Hollow Flutter Kicks

20 Weighted Hip Bridges


Tuesday 8th June

In a pair

200/160 Cal Bike / Row or Ski Equivalent

P1 Work on the machine while P2 Completes;

16 Renegade Row (no push up)

10 Up Downs over DB


Wednesday 9th June

AMRAP 10:00


DB Thruster

Burpee Box Jump

*If you complete the 2’s start back at 10’s

Rest 2:00

AMRAP 10:00

10 DB Box Step Overs

15 Ab Mat Sit Ups


Thursday 10th June

25:00 AMRAP

500/400m Row/Ski/Bike

25 Russian KB Swings

1:00 Plank Hold


Friday 11th June

10 DB Lunge + Lunge + Hang Squat Clean

20 DB Push Press

30 Burpees

40 Sit Ups

15 DB Lunge + Lunge + Hang Squat Clean

30 DB Push Press

45 Burpees

60 Sit Ups


Saturday 12th June

For Time – Partner Workout

800m Run

Into 20 Rounds IGYG

5 D-Ball Over the shoulder

25 Double Unders

Into 800m Run


Sunday 13th June

3 Sets

AMRAP 8:00

10 Press Ups

15 Wall Balls

20 Wall Ball Walking Lunges (holding the ball in bear hug)

Rest 1:00 b/t sets

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