Monday 26th April

AMRAP 25:00

400m Run

20 KB Swings (American)

18 Up Downs

16 Reverse Lunges



20 KB Heel Taps

20 Plank Reach Outs to KB


Tuesday 27th April

Extended Warm Up Double Under Practice

Every 2:30 x 7 Sets

8 Double DB Power Cleans

15 Tuck Ups

8 Double DB Power Cleans

50 Double Unders (100 Single Skips)


Wednesday 28th April

For Time – 3 Rounds

1000m Row/Ski/Bike

30 DB Thrusters

30 Ring Rows

25:00 Time Cap


Thursday 29th April

Every 3:30 on 1:30 off x 6

10 DB Push Press

15 Burpees

20 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Max Wall Balls remaining time


Friday 30th April

Extended warm up discuss pacing on machines

EMOM 10:00 – 10-20 Cal Row/Ski or 7-17 Cal Bike

Rest 2:00

5 Rounds for time

200m Run

20 DB Goblet Squats

Saturday 1st May

Partner Workout

In Teams of 2 


Russian Kb Swings 


P1 works the round of 5s while partner 2 completes max distance on their machine. Once P1 is done P2 completes their round of 5s and P2 completes max distance machine. 

Sunday 2nd May

DB Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds for Max Reps

1:00 Single DB Thruster

1:00 KB Sumo DLHP

1:00 Box Jumps

1:00 DB Push Press

1:00 Cal Machine

1:00 Rest