Overcoming low gym motivation with the help of a supportive CrossFit gym


How to overcome low gym motivation with the help of a supportive CrossFit gym

Everyone knows that to feel fitter and healthier, exercise is essential. But, sometimes, bridging the gap between thinking about exercise and actually doing it is a completely different story.

Top tips to overcome low exercise motivation

1. Set yourself goals: Make a plan for the exercise you want to complete each week and stick to it. It could be anything from go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, or be as simple as walk or run for 10 minutes every day.

2. Go to the gym straight from work: If you go home first, you’re more likely to get comfy or find other things that need to take priority at home, so take your workout kit with you in the morning and stop off for a workout on your way home. Get up or go home and put on your workout clothes.

3. Distract yourself: Multiple research has found that people find exercise feels less like exercise if they’re focused on other things, so try chatting with friends or listening to the music while you move.

4. Find a workout buddy: Having a friend to workout with gives you a moral obligation to turn up, introduces an element of rivalry to push you harder and offers feedback, support and fun.

5. Reward yourself after: Whether it be a long bath, or a nice meal with your favourite dessert, be sure to reward yourself when you’ve worked hard as this will encourage you to get moving.

6. Focus on how far you’ve come: To stay motivated, ensure you focus on all the things you have achieved so far, and not on the things you haven’t or on how far you still have to go – you only have to be better than you were yesterday


The CrossFit box environment – how it can boost your motivation and your workouts

A CrossFit box is the most supportive and encouraging fitness environment you will ever come across – fact! Despite every member’s individual differences, each person is there for the same main reasons; to get healthier, fitter and stronger.


Everyone works to the same goal

During classes, every person – from complete beginners to those who been working out for years – will be working towards a pretty similar goal. Whether this is a learning a specific skill or finishing a workout in the quickest time possible, doing the same thing together means members are making healthier lifestyle choices together, trying new things together, and pushing harder for longer, together.

All members support each other

Other members of your CrossFit box will always be your biggest cheerleaders. Even if you’re the last person to finish a workout you’ll be encouraged until the very end meaning you’re less likely to give up when things are getting tough. This camaraderie comes second to none meaning once you’ve joined, it’s uncommon to want to leave!

Workouts and weights can be tracked

CrossFit boxes encourage members to keep track of their progress, noting the weights they achieved or the time they completed a workout in. Having these notes means that the next time you complete the same WOD, you’ll have a benchmark to work towards beating, which will encourage you to push harder than you might do without a goal