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    Do I have to be fit to join the gym?

    You don’t have to be fit to start your journey with Orwell Fitness. Whether you’re an experienced athlete, complete beginner, or somewhere in between, we’ll work to ensure you become familiar with our facilities, classes, and community in no time.  Each of our programs, classes, and training options – from weightlifting to personal training –  are hand-designed by expert instructors to be scalable for all ages, levels, and fitness abilities.

    If you’re brand new to the fitness world, we’ll take the time to familiarise you with our facilities, classes, and community over a no-obligation free trial, during which we’ll work with you to gauge your fitness levels and goals before making accordant training suggestions.

    We’ll do everything we can to help you succeed, and cheer you on every step of the way. All we ask from you is effort and commitment.

    Does Orwell Fitness have cleaning stations?

    Orwell Fitness’ South-Ipswich gym was designed with functional fitness in mind – meaning it has all the facilities you’ll need to complete the ultimate workout. We have two showers and individual changing areas, alongside toilets with disabled access. To keep things as hygienic as possible, we kindly ask our members to supply their own towels and wash supplies.

    When does the gym open?

    Orwell Fitness’ opening times are scheduled to match the general needs of our members – meaning we open later on some days. View our schedule below:

    Monday – 6am – 9pm

    Tuesday – 6am – 9pm

    Wednesday – 6am – 9pm

    Thursday – 6am – 9pm

    Friday – 6am – 8pm

    Saturday – 8am – 1pm

    Sunday – 8am – 11am

    To learn more about the classes and fitness options we offer during opening hours, please visit our ‘what we offer’ or ‘timetable’ pages.

    Where do you start at the gym?

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start at the gym – even the greatest athletes were beginners at one point!

    One of the best ways to familiarise yourself with your chosen gym’s environment, facilities, and community is to book in for a consultation, or one-off session with a trainer; with most good gyms offering an introductory booking or trial of some sort to new or prospective members. These sessions are a brilliant way to build confidence, get to grips with unfamiliar equipment, and get some professional input on your goals.

    At Orwell Fitness, we want to make sure you have the best possible introductory experience. Before signing up for a class or monthly gym membership, we suggest booking a free trial with us to explore what we have to offer, meet the team, and discover your strengths.

    After you’ve completed your trial, we’ll talk through your experience with you – discovering what you’d like to achieve at Orwell Fitness, and how we can help.

    What gym facilities does Orwell Fitness have?

    Our state of the art 3100sqft facility was designed with a clear mission in mind –  to create an environment perfect for effective, enjoyable, and empowering training for all ability levels. Although many of our CrossFit inspired exercises are bodyweight driven, we’ve packed our gym with the best, most versatile equipment Ipswich has to offer for weightlifters, cardio enthusiasts, gymnasts, Strongmen (and women!) and more:

    • High-End Equipment 
    • Concept 2 Rowers
    • Rogue Echo Bikes
    • Concept 2 Ski Ergs
    • 34ft Rig 
    • Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and More

    We also offer everything you could need post-workout, with showers, private changing rooms, and toilets on site. To keep things as hygienic as possible, we kindly ask our members to supply their own towels and wash supplies.

    What gym equipment is best for weight loss?

    Ultimately, there’s no one ‘best’ piece of equipment for weight loss. The best option for you is often the machine or equipment most suited to your individual abilities, requirements, and preferences.

    With that being said, our instructors have put together a shortlist of their favourite equipment for weight loss (outside of bodyweight exercises):


    • Exercise Bikes


    These machines offer a great, low-impact cardiovascular workout, alongside incredible versatility in terms of workout level. 


    • Rowing Machine


    Rowing machines are an excellent option for those looking to quickly and effectively burn calories and fat whilst building muscle across multiple areas. 


    • Kettlebells


    Kettlebells are another highly versatile piece of equipment, often used as a highly effective tool for weight loss, whilst building significant levels of strength – particularly in the core.

    How do you join the gym?

    The process for joining a gym varies depending on which one you select! The vast majority of UK gyms and leisure groups tend to offer a monthly or yearly membership option, often payable by direct debit. The exact specifications of your membership contract can vary according to the options chosen. 

    At Orwell, we like to keep things simple. We offer a rolling monthly membership, payable by direct debit, and cancellable anytime. With us, all you’ve got to do is select a monthly gym membership (we offer discounted rates for some groups), browse our schedule, and book classes, slots, and training at your convenience! We can’t wait to welcome you.

    Visit our membership page to discover more.

    What gym equipment is best for abs?

    Ultimately, there’s no one ‘best’ piece of equipment for abs. The best option for you is often the machine or equipment most suited to your individual abilities, requirements, and preferences. 

    With that being said, our instructors have put together a shortlist of their favourite equipment for ab workouts:


    • Ab roller


    Ab rollers are a brilliant option for ab workouts both in the gym and at home – challenging the core, arms, back, chest, hamstrings, and shoulders in just a short set of movements. 


    • Medicine balls


    This tool is an excellent accompaniment to bodyweight ab workouts – taking twists and crunches one step further with added resistance. Medicine balls are also available in a wide range of weights and sizes, making them great for any level of fitness or experience. 

    How many gym sessions should I do per week?

    The ideal number of gym sessions you attend per week is entirely determined by the class type you attend/exercises you complete, alongside your goals, ability levels, and preferences. Our trainers generally recommend completing 3-5 sessions per week for the best possible results and optimum sustainability but can provide frequency and class recommendations personalised to you throughout your free trial class. 

    We’ll work to suggest a frequency that works for you and your schedule while exposing your body to enough training to enable an increase in fitness levels throughout the week. 

    To book your free trial, or talk to our trainers, fill in the contact form above. 

    How can the gym change your life?

    Exercising is scientifically proven to deliver massive benefits to both physical and mental health – meaning those committed to their gym schedule are often at their happiest and healthiest. Whilst building noticeable strength and muscle may take time, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get after a class, workout, or personal training is immediate and often long-lasting. 

    Outside of obvious physical benefits and mental accomplishments, the gym can be life-changing across a wide spectrum of areas. Whether you’re looking to join a community of tight-knit, like-minded people, build your confidence and self-esteem, motivate yourself, hold yourself accountable, improve your overall health or even establish a better sleeping schedule – gyms can deliver. 

    What should I wear to the gym?

    What you wear to the gym is ultimately a personal choice you feel confident and comfortable. With this being said, it’s important to ensure that your clothes allow you to fulfil your full workout potential. Avoid uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or dangerous choices, and opt instead for breathable fabrics, non-restrictive pieces with elasticated waistbands, and clothing offering the correct support for your body type.

    Before packing your bag, consider the exercises you’re hoping to complete during your session – e.g. although baggy, lightweight trousers may be great for keeping you comfortable and cool, they may catch on the pedals of an exercise bike and risk injury. 

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