Whether you’re looking to work on your cardio, build strength, or simply boost your confidence, there’s a class waiting for you at Orwell Fitness.

From staples like WOD, BUILD and CONDITIONING, to our high-intensity SWEAT sessions and WEIGHTLIFTING, we add more variety to your workouts. And with accredited trainers always on hand to help you go the distance, you can make every minute count.

Reach your full fitness potential.


Everyday training can quickly become repetitive, but not with WOD.

Designed to keep you on your toes and ramp up your strength and conditioning, this fast and furious session features a continually changing rota of routines.

With everything from running and rowing, to gymnastics and weightlifting, WOD is the perfect way to build strength, agility and flexibility, and boost your cardiovascular health – in a feelgood, big group setting.

Pushing harder for longer is what CONDITIONING is all about. Designed by our in-house trainers to work on your cardio and improve your strength and energy outside the gym, this challenging session develops both your muscular and aerobic endurance.

So, you can keep on going, do more, and shift your overall physical fitness up a gear.

CONDITIONING is also a great way to enhance your flexibility and range of motion, while helping to improve your technique and prevent niggling injuries.


Lifting weights is not just about becoming stronger. It’s about transforming your mobility, learning new skills and building self-confidence, too.

Developed and delivered by British Weightlifting accredited coaches, our inclusive WEIGHTLIFTING class is made for anyone looking to get into lifting in a safe, fun and empowering environment.

Learn the snatch, clean and jerk. Perfect your technique and elevate your strength, coordination, balance, speed and skills, in one go.

Focussing on the chest, arms, shoulders and back, BUILD is a masterclass in boosting your upper body strength and delivering an explosive weight-to-strength ratio.

Designed to challenge all body types, this hands-on session includes essential bodyweight basics like pull-ups and press-ups alongside shoulder presses, bench presses and ring rows. But, unlocking extra power is only half the story.

BUILD also helps to improve your coordination, agility, stamina and balance.


Whether you’re lacing up for your first 5K, or just looking to give your everyday fitness a lift, SWEAT is the session for you.

Featuring an energetic mix of cardio machines and bodyweight exercises, this popular course gets your heart pumping and your body moving closer to your fitness goals with every session.

Designed to ramp up your cardiovascular health and aerobic fitness, SWEAT brings real benefits to your life in out of the gym.

If you’re looking for fitness with a long-term vision, trainers with the expertise to take your further, pro-standard facilities, and a like-minded gym crew, you’re in the perfect place.

Take the first step. Book your trial now and start your journey at Orwell.