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CrossFit Kids

Crossfit Kids Classes in Ipswich

Get your kids and teens moving for life with CrossFit Kids – now back at Orwell Fitness by popular demand. Healthy kids are happy kids. Our unique children’s and teens’ workout classes combine fitness and fun – engaging young people between the ages of 3 and 16 in a broad range of movement-driven games, activities, and exercises designed to help them become confident in leadership, teamwork, and their own physical abilities.

LEVEL 1 (AGE 3-5)

Run, skip, and jump into the world of CrossFit Kids. Our Level 1 classes focus on fun and fundamental movements – helping young kids explore their abilities with an endless range of games, equipment, and activities.

LEVEL 2 (AGE 6-10)

Develop skills and boost confidence. Level 2 of CrossFit Kids keeps things fun and simple – building on CrossFit fundamentals and exercise mechanics using a mix of games and exercises within structured sessions.

LEVEL 3 (AGE 11-13)

Build foundations for success. Our 11-13-year-olds enjoy structured WODs with an equal emphasis on fun and technical CrossFit guidance. Classes focus on metabolic conditioning with beginner’s tastes of gymnastic elements and light Olympic lifting.

LEVEL 4 (AGE 14-16)

Level-up! Our final CrossFit Kids level acts as a bridge to our adult CrossFit classes, equipping teens with the skills, strength, and knowledge needed across gymnastics, lifting, and general movement to take their next full WOD by storm.

Class at a Glance
  • 30 Minutes (Level 1)
  • 45 Minutes (Levels 2, 3 and 4)
  • Activities in Line with Age and Ability
  • Movement, Strength, and Conditioning


  • Hurdles
  • Agility Ladders
  • Boxes
  • Mats
  • Soft Footballs
  • Hula Hoops
  • Ropes
  • Unweighted PVC Bars
  • Barbells (Levels 3 and 4)
  • Dumbbells (Levels 3 and 4)
  • Kettlebells (Levels 3 and 4)

Mechanics, consistency, and intensity

Benefits of CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids’ ever-changing rota of fun, engaging exercises help young people build lasting healthy habits, strength, and discipline – but the benefits don’t end there. Discover why you should book your child in for a taster today:


Your Workout, Redefined

All Abilities, All Ages, All Welcome

You don’t have to be fit to start your journey with us. Whether you’re an experienced athlete, complete beginner, or somewhere in between, we’ll work to ensure you become familiar with our facilities, classes, and community in no time.

Stronger Body, Stronger Mind

Exercising in a positive group setting is proven to improve both physical and mental health. Whilst building noticeable strength and muscle may take time, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get after a class with Orwell Fitness is immediate. Why not commit to both?

Enjoyable Classes, Big Results

Orwell Fitness’ workout programs are constantly re-designed for variation, meaning that with us, you’ll never reach your plateau or get bored. Our expert trainers’ smart design work results in classes and routines that both entertain, and deliver results.

Strength in Numbers

Our Ipswich gym is home to a friendly, growing community of like-minded members committed to support, empowerment, and positivity. Whatever your goals, our members, guests, trainers, and team will work alongside you to help you get across the finish line and beyond.

Accredited Coaching

We put our coaches and personal trainers through their paces. Our hand-selected fitness team is composed of key members chosen for their extensive experience and qualifications, alongside their commitment to our values of positivity, inclusivity, and passion for fitness.

Exceptional Equipment

Our extensive gym space features all of the equipment you will ever need for continued variety in each class you attend - from Concept 2 Rowers, Rogue Echo Bikes and a 34ft rig to tyres weighing in at over 100kg.

Discover Your Full Potential

Meet our Crossfit Certified Coaches

Our CrossFit Kids certified coaches, Kirsty and Emily, have the passion and qualifications needed to guide your young person’s fitness journey from beginner’s agility to Olympic lifting. Why not browse their profiles – or take a look at our entire hand-selected team of leaders, innovators, motivators, and game-changers?


Are you ready to experience our classes first hand? Complete the form below to claim your free, no-obligation trial.


Book a CrossFit Kids Block

Orwell Fitness’ CrossFit Kids classes are bookable on a block-by-block basis and begin at the start of each school term. Bookings and payments can be made using the link below. The half-term block must be paid upfront in full before the start date.

Should you wish to access the block after its start date, please contact the team using the form below or over the phone. We’ll arrange for the price to be prorated.

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Do I have to book a full block of CrossFit Kids?

At Orwell Fitness, we run CrossFit Kids classes on a term-by-term basis, making block booking essential! Please ensure you book your full block in advance through our online system above.

If you’ve been unable to book in advance and wish for your young person to begin classes midway through a block, please contact the Orwell team using our contact form, email, or over the phone – we’ll be able to book your classes and ensure the price is prorated.

What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is a CrossFit-based strength, conditioning, and exercise program designed for 3-16-year-olds based on the principles of mechanics, consistency, and intensity. Though its content can vary on a level-by-level basis according to age and ability, CrossFit Kids is generally based on the 9 foundational movements – borrowing elements from gymnastics, bodyweight movement, and weightlifting. For younger children, this may translate to games designed to increase physical awareness, whilst teenagers may be involved in learning the basics of elements such as Olympic weightlifting.

The programme also aims to empower young people with strong social values and mentalities, encouraging everything from good sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork to listening, self-discipline, and confidence.

What happens in CrossFit Kids classes?

At Orwell Fitness, our CrossFit Kids classes are broken down by age group and approximate ability – meaning there’s always something for everyone! On the whole, this class aims to help children and young people build healthy physical and mental habits for life – using fun, age-appropriate games, activities, exercises, and workouts to build confidence in and understanding of movement, alongside abilities such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and more.

Whilst Level 1 classes aimed at children between the ages of 3-5 may focus on the development of physical awareness using, for example, equipment like agility ladders and games involving soft footballs, Level 4 classes for 14 -16-year-olds might involve building foundational skills for gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. Plus, with us, no two classes are the same, ensuring enjoyable variety at every turn.

Does my child need a membership to attend CrossFit kids?

Your child or young person will not need an Orwell Fitness membership to attend any level of CrossFit Kids classes. Simply book classes with us on a block-by-block basis, turn up to our Ipswich-based gym, and enjoy!

If you’re visiting for the first time or unsure as to whether or not you’d like to purchase a full block just yet, why not sign up for a free taster class? We’ll be happy to help introduce your child to our world of movement, fitness, fun, and games.

What should my child wear for CrossFit?

Your child should come to their CrossFit Kids class ready to move comfortably. Their kit should generally include training shoes suitable for running, jumping, lifting, and more, alongside breathable bottoms (whether shorts, leggings, or joggers) – ideally not too loose fitting so as not to catch on any equipment used. Tops should also be breathable, with cotton or sweat-wicking t-shirts being a popular choice.

All accessories such as jewellery should be removed, whilst long hair should be tied back to ensure safety for the duration of the class.

Is it OK for kids to do CrossFit?

If your child would like to get involved in CrossFit – whether they’ve been inspired by an active parent or have a drive for exercise – we highly recommend taking them to a designated CrossFit Kids class. Within this environment, they’ll be closely monitored by qualified coaches, who will provide them with modified exercises based on their age and skill levels.

Said classes will work to build your child’s physical awareness, skills, and mentality in a fun, engaging, and encouraging environment – building the foundations of a lifelong relationship with fitness and health.

How old do kids have to be to do CrossFit?

Most CrossFit Kids classes, including those run at Orwell Fitness, have a minimum age limit in place for safety reasons. These regulations ensure that all young children are physically and mentally capable of taking part in the classes, games, and activities offered during blocks.

Orwell Fitness offer CrossFit Kids classes at four different levels based on age; Level 1 (ages 3-5), Level 2 (Ages 6-10), Level 3 (Ages 11-13) and Level 4 (Ages 14-16). Each level contains modified CrossFit content designed to meet the needs and abilities of its participants.

Why should kids do CrossFit?

Crossfit Kids offers a whole host of physical and mental benefits to young people between the ages of 3 and 16. The programme aims, on an overarching basis, to introduce children and teens to healthy lifestyles – whether through teaching the foundational movements of CrossFit, or assigning teams and leaders in activities. Overall, this unique class is an excellent way to get kids moving for life, whilst helping them gain confidence, make lifelong friends, and build a strong mentality of confidence and competence.

Want to register your young person for CrossFit Kids but not sure if it’s the best choice for them? Why not sign them up for our free taster session?

Can a 15-year-old use the gym?

Whilst different gyms across the UK have individual policies on independent gym use, the vast majority require members to be over 16 for health and safety reasons. We understand that this can leave young teens looking to use the gym or build a conditioning routine feeling frustrated – which is why we’ve added a 14-16-year-old ‘Level 4’ tier to our CrossFit Kids classes.

These classes offer the guidance and support young teens need to build skills, knowledge, and confidence in all areas of strength and conditioning – including gymnastics or weightlifting – making them the perfect stepping stone for those looking to train before getting into the gym.

What if my child is sick or absent?

As classes are booked on a block basis, refunds for individual classes are not possible in the unfortunate event of absence or sickness. Thank you for your understanding!

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