Better Cardio. Less Stress.


Whether you’re lacing up for your first 5K, or just looking to give your everyday fitness a lift, SWEAT is the session for you.

Featuring an energetic mix of cardio machines and bodyweight exercises, this popular course gets your heart pumping and your body moving closer to your fitness goals with every session.

While SWEAT is designed to ramp up your cardiovascular health and aerobic fitness, it also focuses on your overall coordination and balance, bringing real benefits to your life in and out of the gym.

Our feel good sessions work wonders for your mental wellbeing too, boosting your brain function and cognitive performance. 

Worried this all sounds a bit too strenuous? Don’t. As always, our experienced trainers will be on hand to tailor every session to your needs and abilities. All you have to do is turn up, have fun and sweat.

SWEAT was developed by our coaches to make hard work fun.

While our classes are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and put your cardiovascular health through its paces, they’re also a chance to forget the stresses of the day, lose yourself in drills and soak up the feelgood group vibes. Not to mention, come away with a real sense of achievement.


SWEAT’s focus on bodyweight movements teaches you how to move your own body in space, and gives you a better understanding of your own abilities, to improve your overall coordination and balance.

We also regularly switch up our routines with cardio machines to keep our sessions fun, fast-paced and endlessly varied.


Whether you’re tired of being out of breath on those longer dog walks, want to power through your next park run, or just like the idea of taking your fitness to the next level, our sweat classes will make your goals a reality.

As your aerobic fitness improves, you can look forward to a stronger heart and overall better cardiovascular health.


Modern life and busy schedules can be stressful and SWEAT provides the perfect antidote. An hour of vigorous exercise can really help to release those good endorphins, and help your mind and body reset.

Over time, it can also boost your brain function, aid concentration and improve your cognitive performance.


The idea behind SWEAT is simple, but effective.

When you’re having fun, you’re more likely to succeed and more likely to keep turning up and training. And the more you enjoy each session, the less it feels like hard work.

While our sweat classes always challenge you, they never overstretch you. We always meet you where you’re at. So, you always get an enjoyable exercise class that leaves you with a sense of real achievement.

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