Impressive Strength


Lifting weights is not just about becoming stronger. It’s about transforming your mobility, learning new skills and building self-confidence, too.

Developed and delivered by British Weightlifting accredited coaches, our inclusive WEIGHTLIFTING class is made for anyone looking to get into lifting in a safe, fun and empowering environment.

Learn the snatch, clean and jerk. Perfect your technique and elevate your strength, coordination, balance, speed and skills, in one go.

Whether you’re just dipping into weightlifting or already a competitive athlete, our structured programme and certified weightlifting coaches provide the perfect foundation for progress. And as part of our friendly weightlifting community, you can expect plenty of helpful advice and encouragement from your peers.

Needless to say, you’ll also have access to a full suite of equipment. From a purpose-built lifting area to a pro-ready selection of platforms, racks, and barbells ranging from 5kg – 20kg. 

Trust us, you don’t have to be strong to weightlift, (or be a weightlifter). Our programme will help you achieve both, and help to improve your mobility, technique and confidence in the process.

Regular training will also refine your physique and give you the skills and knowledge to push your potential safely and effectively.


Weightlifting in any form requires and develops more mobility than you may believe.

Controlled motion demands not only power and strength, but a significant level of mobility and body awareness, too. As a regular member, you can expect to see real improvements in your range of movement and a boost in your lifting abilities, regardless of strength.


By pushing your body and physical strength in explosive lifts, you’ll truly challenge your entire body.

Our weightlifting classes are designed by British Weightlifting certified coaches to sustainably develop muscle, raw power, and technique in a motivational environment – working effectively to improve body composition, overall strength levels, and general lifting ability.


The benefits of weightlifting go far beyond the barbell. As you refine and perfect your snatches and clean and jerks, you’ll also develop the coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance you need to succeed in a variety of other sports, disciplines, and everyday activities.


A strong, sustainable technique is key to preventing injuries in weightlifting. Our highly qualified coaches are always on hand to help you develop and maintain a safe, effective approach and precise form.

And by carefully tailoring our programmes to your individual abilities, we can help you to continually move forward.


Success starts with the right mentality. Our progressive programme boosts your confidence and mental wellbeing by gradually building your strength and endurance – working on your mind and body in equal measure.

After all, the knowledge that you can do it is often all you need to set a new PB.


Looking for fitness with a long-term vision, trainers with the expertise to take your further, pro-standard facilities, and a like-minded gym crew?


Orwell is more than a gym, a programme or a card in your wallet. It’s a vibrant community of like-minded people, trainers, support and advice.

Join as a month-by-month or annual member and you’ll instantly become part of our unique fitness family that’s here to cheer you on every step of the way.

You’ll also gain all-inclusive and unlimited access to our state-of-the-art gyms, feelgood fitness classes, and exclusive training programmes.

So, you can train independently in our open gym sessions, join our five-star rated classes, or take your fitness in an exhilarating Small Group Personal Training session.

Ready to achieve your potential?