What We Offer

Workout Of The Day

This is a 60-minute class focused on all round strength and conditioning. These workouts combine a variety of functional movements – everything from cardio and
gymnastics to Olympic weightlifting. Every day brings a new workout and you will be working alongside likeminded people in a friendly, fun environment.

OC (Orwell Conditioning)

This is a 60-minute class, focused towards longer conditioning workouts. Much like CrossFit we still include body weight movements, kettlebells, dumbbells, skipping, box jumps, wall balls etc, we don’t use the barbell or the rig in these sessions. They are great for a high energy sweaty workout!


This is a 60-minute class designed to improve your skills on the barbell, specifically working on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. These are technique-based sessions where you will learn to safely and progressively improve your ability to perform the Olympic lifts and develop strength, co-ordination, balance, speed and mobility.


This is a 60-minute class to help you improve your gymnastic skills and strength. Do you want to learn to do a pull up, press up, handstand, or muscle up? Then these classes are a must in your weekly schedule. You will learn the correct techniques and drills and develop the strength that is required towards performing these movements. Practice makes perfect.


This is a 60 minute class working on strength and fitness using odd objects that may not be seen in other classes. You might see heavy D-Ball’s, sled pushing, yoke carrying, tyre flips and farmers walks, as well as other typical strength lifts such as deadlifts, squats and pressing. This is a great session for a full body workout!

Orwell Kids

CrossFit Orwell Kids is a fitness program designed for 3 to 16 year olds. Our aim is to encourage children to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, in a safe and fun environment, alongside their peers. By instilling these values within children at the earliest possible age, we, at CrossFit Orwell Kids, can teach your child safe movement patterns, enabling them to embrace a lifetime of fitness.

Personal Training

If you are looking to work 1-1 with a personal trainer to get closer towards achieving your goals please contact us for more information on availability. You can find this information here on our contact page.

Open Gym

We offer open gym for the duration of our opening ours. You do not have to book in to attend open gym.

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