Endless Variety


Everyday training can quickly become repetitive, but not with WOD. Designed to keep you on your toes and ramp up your strength and conditioning, this fast and furious session features a continually changing rota of routines.

With everything from running and rowing, to gymnastics and weightlifting, WOD is the perfect way to build strength, agility and flexibility and boost your cardiovascular health – in a feel-good, big group setting.

A firm favourite of many of our members, WOD puts you in direct competition with yourself – by combining effective high-intensity training and an ever-changing range of strength and conditioning exercises.

This multi-faceted approach targets every element of your physical fitness – helping you to build the power of a weightlifter, the strength and flexibility of a gymnast, and the stamina of a sprinter.

Whatever your fitness levels and whatever your goal, our tight-knit community of members and trainers will be cheering you on as you push, pull, lift, and climb your way to your next PB.

Focussing on the widest possible range of exercises and disciplines in just 60 minutes – WOD is the ultimate all-in-one fitness challenge.

With an ever-changing rota of exercises and plenty of feelgood vibes, our classes promise to leave you stronger, fitter and more energised than ever before. Experience the program that started it all.


Mindless repetition can kill your motivation. WOD brings balance and variety into your routine, to continually drive your performance and progress.

Our expert trainers design classes using a near-infinite library of exercises, so you never complete the same workout twice. So, every session feels fresh, you never know what’s coming next and your mind and body never stop developing. 


With its strong focus on functional movements, WOD is the ideal class for those looking to build whole-body strength, agility, and flexibility.

Weightlifting and gymnastics drills help build explosive power in the arms, legs and core and develop useful auxiliary skills at the same time. So, within the space of just 60 minutes, every area of your body is challenged and targeted. 


While WOD is one of our most challenging programmes, it’s also one our most rewarding. From the start, you and your group will train together, sweat together, and succeed together, building an unbreakable team spirit that urges you on.

Our coaches will also welcome you with open arms, and be on hand to assist, motivate, and cheer you on through even the most challenging exercises.


Success starts with the right mentality. WOD is designed to boost your mind and body, giving you the skills and confidence to reach your peak fitness and potential. 

Our trainers also take pride in delivering the education, guidance, encouragement you need to push further, reach higher, and perform better.


WOD’s benefits go far beyond those you can see in the mirror. When it comes to training, it’s one of the best ways to get your heart rate elevated and blood pumping – efficiently delivering oxygen to all areas of your body.

The cardiovascular benefits of WOD also make it ideal for weight management, weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

Take on this fitness challenge regularly, and your overall health will noticeably improve – impacting every element of your life, both in and out of the gym.

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